Once upon a time... there was a young mermaid princess who wanted to become human. Or did she?

You soon learn that things aren't, quite, what they seem in this short interactive meta-fictional CYOA game. Your Prince Has Drowned started life as a short story inspired by old school text adventures. Now it's been re-invented as a Twine game! Well, a Twine story where your choices can have serious consequences, really.


  • Play for free in your desktop browser! Or support me by buying a downloadable version.
  • Buying a copy also gives you access to the Hints Booklet.
  • No save points and virtually no permadeath.
  • A somewhat snarky interface. Be kind to it.
  • Choices! (I mean, it's interactive fiction, of course there are choices.)
  • Metatextuality.
  • Almost 9,500 words of text!

Content notes:

  • Some decisions lead to major character death.

Other Notes:

  • The Hints Booklet contains notes on how to avoid the few permanent death situations and a complete walkthrough to get to the ending fastest.
  • Because of the way HTML5/Twine games get processed on itch.io, running it through the website is sadly not iphone-friendly at the moment. (It appears to work fine on Android phones.) One day I'll figure out how to get that working properly! The HTML file you can download, however, should work fine on all screens.


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